Rod Griffin – In the House Award

A new award on the 5-year anniversary of Rod’s passing.   Rod Griffin worked for P&G/Duracell for over 30 years, most of it in the B2B business.   Rod used an analogy with all his people about the importance of account penetration where he taught how to “get in the house”.   He would say, “when you don’t have trust, you may get in the door, but you will not leave the hallway.  The goal is to get into the family room, where trust exists as you share freely, break bread, strategize together, and flat out get stuff done!”    The In the House Award goes to the individual that has excelled in penetrating his/her customer beyond the buying desk to get Results.  This person is a trusted partner in the business.  

Rod Griffin

Copper Jacket

Salesperson of the Year (Copper Jacket)

Awarded to the individual that showcased their abilities to achieve the companies main objectives in 2022.

Patty Vavra

Alexandra Petit

Laura Getch

Alicia Snyder

Susan McCollum

Unsung Hero

Sales Support Award (Unsung Hero Award)

Awarded to the individual in segment or central functions that showcased their abilities to help aid in achieving the company’s main objectives in 2022.

Tania Dinunzio

Abraham Martinus

Glenn Morrison

Rachael Goldman

Ashley Henderson

Culture Champion

Awarded to the individual in segment or central function who has shown leadership within their own segment/ business unit as well as outside their respective segment/ business unit. Is proactive when issues arrive, and aids in being a part of the solution and follows & utilizes Duracell’s 4 key values:

    • Integrity
    • Trust
    • Ownership
    • Collaboration

Joe Cerone

Joe Carbone

Bob Amiano

Janet Hicks

Jim Healy